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Ðe Norðumbro-Mersian Club

Welcome to the world's first web-page in Northumbro-Mersian, 
the modern Anglo-Saxon language!

Welcommen in ðe firste webside ðes worldes in Norðumbro-Mersian,
ðe nowlie tong ov ði Anglo-Sachsonen!

Ðou art ðe ð man ðat to ðis webside togecomen hast

What is Northumbro-Mersian??

Norðumbro-Mersian is real Anglish. Tis ðe tong ov ði Anglo-Sachsonen, yet wiðout ði loaðsomen onworkingen ov distanten welshen tongen lice Francish and Romanish, which haven so entlonged nowli Anglish from its true Germanic breðren. Tis an statement by two prouden Anglanderen ðat ðe tong alltide to ðe folc should belong, and to its Germanicen rooten againstored should been. We sayen to alle truen Anglanderen: BE PROUDEN, SPEAC ÐE OLDE TONG!!


         by WINSTON CHURCHILL, First Minister ov Great Britain
               Before ðe Commonerenshouse, June 4, 1940
     We shallen not flaggen nor failen.  We shallen on to ðe ende goen.  We
shallen in Francenmarc and on ði seaen and oceanen fighten; we shallen
wið growing selftrust and growing strength in ðe air fighten.  We shallen 
our island whatever may be ðe cost foreswearen; we shallen on
beachen, landing grounden, in fielden, in streeten and on ði hillen fighten. 
We shallen never upgiven and even if, which ig for ðe timebittling not
believe, ðis island or an big part ðereov mastered and
starving were, ðen our Worldsrealm beyond ði seaen, armed and shielded by ðe
Britishe Fleet, will oncarry ðe struggel til in Gods goode tide
ðe Newe Worlde wið all its weight and might, forðsetteð to ðe
befreeing and ransom ov ðe Olde.

(Trans. by F.A.Smith)


   Alfred(b.849, r.871-899), ðe onlie Anglishe king ever ðe wiðname "Great" to 
becomen, was well worði ov it. Living in an tide when ðere alltide Vikingraiden 
gave, was he factly ðe firste king ðe whole of Angland to rule, save an bit ðat 
he ði Danen togiven musted. Were it not for Alfred, woulden ði Danen likeli ðe 
whole land gemastered haven, but he hit hem clearli at ðe Fighting ov Eðandun in 878.
   Alfred shaped an row ov forten, his kingdom to aroundgoen, and needed safeness 
from welshen inlandingen to given. He bilded also an shipfleet, his other shielden 
to forebetteren, and in so doing became called "Faðer ðes Anglishe Shipfleetes."
Yet Alfreds reign was known for more ðan armiforespringen. He was an scriber ov
gooden and fairen lawen in an tide wið few, an foreputter ov learning and an 
helper ov ði arten. Himself was he an learnedman, and overputted Latinen boocen 
into ðe ðenli Anglo-Sachson tong.  
   In deað lieð he now in his headtown Winchester.