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The   Guide   to   Fifteen   -   Part   II

Hello and welcome to the Guide to Fifteen
[Part II].
Below is the second half of the rules to 
the wonderful, yet little known, game of

a)A 'redblack' is one of four ways to win the game (see 
Rule 6a))and is worth 13 points in accumulative totals.  
b)A 'redblack' is a cannon shot in which :
   i]the first ball struck by the cue ball is a Red,
  ii]the last ball to hit The Black is a Red,
 iii]the Red ball hitting The Black gives the latter the 
energy to enter a pocket,
  iv]no ball other than The Black is potted.
c)If all the conditions in rule 7b) are met the player 
making the shot wins the game. 
d)If The Black is pocketed but any of the conditions in 
Rule 7b) are not met it is a 'default', which constitues 
LOSS OF GAME (see Rule 8).

a)A 'default' is the name given to any foul made when 
potting The Black. Any such 'default' is LOSS OF GAME.
b)The non-striker wins the game with 13 points [the 
'defaulting' player has 13 points against].      
c)fouling when potting The Black includes :
  i]potting any other ball (including the cue ball) with 
the same stroke
 ii]potting The Black when it is not legal to do so.
d)It is also a 'default' to jump The Black off the table.

a)Accumulative matches and league tables are decided 
firstly by games won and then, if this is tied, by the 
aggregate points difference of all games played. 
b)A player achieving a 'break' or 'redblack', or whose 
opponent makes a 'default', scores the totals listed in 
Rule 6b) or the score of pots actually made, WHICHEVER IS 
Examples :
   i]A player trailing 7-3 makes a 'redblack' to win. He 
scores 13 'For' and 7 'Against'.
  ii]A player leading 14-0 wins when his opponent 'defaults'.
He scores 14 'For' and 0 'Against' NOT 13 and 0.
 iii]A player trailing 14-0 wins when his opponent 
'defaults'. he scores 13 'For' and 14 'Against' but does 
still register a win.
c)a player's 'For' and 'Against' scores for a particular 
game are ALWAYS the reverse of his opponent's score for that
Example :
  i]Player A beats Player B with a 7-ball 'break' when 
leading 4-3. Player A scores 20 'For' and 3 'Against'. 
Player B scores 3 'For' and 20 'Against'.

a)An object ball touching the cue ball may be played, 
provided that it is not done by playing a push shot (i.e. 
provided the cue ball is struck and not pushed).
b)Playing the shot away from that object ball is the same 
as not having made contact with it, BUT, if the touching 
ball moves, it is deemed to have been played.

11.FOULS (not including 'defaults', see Rule 8) :
a)The standard penalty for fouls is applied after all 
non-'defaulting' foul shots and is as follows :
   i]The incoming player may have the cue ball in hand to 
play from any spot or line on the table not occupied by 
other balls.   
Or :
  ii]The incoming player may simply play from where the cue
ball has come to rest.
b)If the cue ball is off the table, option 11a)ii] is not 
c)If a player scratches when potting a Red, pots a Red not 
on or jumps a Red off the table the point for that red is 
awarded to his opponent. No red is placed back on the table.
d)If a player scratches when potting a Colour, pots a Colour 
not on or jumps a Colour off the table the Colour is 
re-spotted. If its spot is occupied it is placed on any
unoccupied spot named by the incoming player. If all the 
spots are occupied it is placed on any unoccupied part of 
the Baulk line or of the curved line of the D specified by
the incoming player.
d)Scratching the cue ball when playing but not pocketing The
Black is NOT a 'default' but merely a foul resulting in the
application of rule 11a).

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