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Welcome to the results page of old Potm's!
Nice to see that someone's taking an interest, but
I find it shocking that there have now been  
SADSTERS like you with nothing better to do than read
old poll results!! 

This is boring, back to the EDP please!

In the inaugrual "Poll of the Month", we asked the immortal question:
"What is your favourite fruit?"

Though the details are now a little sketchy (due to the fact that the 
polling pages still exist and thus the original results are being 
distorted), we can confirm that at close of polling there were around 
200 votes registered, with the result that the KIWI was 
officially declared as the world's favourite fruit, showing the immaculate 
taste of our readership (I voted kiwi too!) The bookies favourite APPLE put 
up a poor show, being surprisingly beaten into third by the humble ORANGE,
while the once mighty BANANA only just staved off the OTHER category (which 
included such greats as the STAR FRUIT and the TOMATO) in the fight to avoid the wooden 

In Potm II, we asked that great pub teaser:
"Who was/is the best 007, James Bond???"
The polls were down on our first question, but the results 
of the nearly 50 votes (yeah, I said the numbers were down!) 
were as follows:
Sean Connery  37%
George "Thingy" Lazenby   24%
Pierce Brosnan  20%
Roger Moore  12%
Timothy Dalton  7%

So, our SEANY is now OFFICIALLY the world's 
favourite James Bond, with a commanding win in our poll. A surprise runner-up 
spot for "Thingy", who producers only deemed good enough for one film, while 
Roger "Raised-eyebrow" Moore was actually voted slightly more popular than his
fellow smug git Timothy Dalton.