The Snooker and Pool Page

Hello and welcome to the Snooker and Pool Page - your guide to the inticracies of not two but four games of the green baize. Only the Fifteen links are finshed at the moment though.

This page has been visited by lucky people. Well done all of you and come back soon.

Please feel free to copy/download/print off anything on this page. Your own free copy of the rules of Snooker/Pool/Fifteen is right here waiting for you.

This page is dedicated to those snooker and pool gods Jimmy
White and Steve Davis. Let's hope none of you have to endure 
a loosing streak like Jimmy's had in his numerous world 

Access the rules :

Snooker : Part I
Snooker : Part II
Fifteen: Part I
Fifteen: Part II
Standard Pool: Part I
Standard Pool: Part II
International 8-ball Pool: Part I
International 8-ball Pool: Part II